The Poisoned Dart: October 23 - November 21 (Scorpio)

The Poisoned Dart is patient, precise and deadly. You have all the time in the world but all you need is that one perfect moment. It is your nature to see the worst side of every situation. You may not know it but you look for the weakness in everyone. You despise blind fury. You are not impressed by brute strength. It's all about control, the wait and the thrill of the hunt.


  1. cool
    i like my sighn,it represemts me ezakley

  2. the poison dart is really cool its me to the fullist,im also a squorpio

  3. i like how our name is poison dart. bc you know, scorpions have stingers

    1. Really you think its a good name? 😕... Then you must be the type that's happy getting a ball of tin foil for your birthday

  4. Poison dart really how unoriginal what they couldn't think of a good name hell I can do better jaculus its small poisonous dragon from mythology