Sunday, May 20, 2012

May 21 to May 27 2012

Do not let yourself be swayed by words. Listen if you must. Fake a nod or a smile if you have to. Keep in mind that they will suck you dry if you let them. Others want what you want. Is their greed greater than yours?

Do not trust an apology. Are half meant words enough? He who ask for forgiveness is merely avoiding your wrath. Make it appear as if you've forgotten the offense and you will have the upper hand. Blood for blood. Never settle for anything less.

Getting soft are we? The strong takes advantage of the weak. You should know this because you have done it yourself. You have gone through enough shit to be careless now. The deadly fall starts with a loose grip.

Take time to assess the situation. You already know what you want. Now take into consideration the others who want as well. There is no point in crawling in piss, shit and vomit if the competition is riding in style. The game is never fair. Learn to manipulate injustice to your advantage

Praises and admiration are worthless if not taken advantage of. Life will be a whole lot easier if you know how to exploit those who favor you. Let the inferior beg. All you need to do is ask. Fuck guilt. Nobody ever said the show was free in the first place.

Know that you are better than others. Don't just believe it. There's no evil in this. You are merely recognizing a fact. The weak are satisfied with a half-assed belief in that they are up some good. That is why they break so easily.

Don't wallow in your own shit. Self pity is nothing but masochistic masturbation. You've looked inside and saw that the organized mess you are has not really changed. Now head out and find some trouble. You're a predator. All you need is a new prey.

Here I say it. FUCK THE SACRED. The only rules that apply are the ones that you're afraid to break. Don't deny yourself of pleasure simply because inferior minds forbid it. You know you want it. Come and fucking get it.

The problem is that everything is too proper. Life is not perfect and those who pretend it is are plain disgusting. Escape the cycle. Break things if you can get away with it. Chaos may just be the respite that you are looking for.

Just reach for it.  What's the worse that can happen? You've more than earned the right to covet. You deserve to own anything that you can take. Let's be honest, there's not enough to go around in the first place. What you won't take, others will keep.

When all else fails, you have to chew a leg off to escape the bear trap. Quitting will hurt but perseverance will definitely hurt more. The wall you wish to climb is simply too high. And all your failed attempts will always end in a painful drop. You will either end up too broken to try again or too dead to reap the reward. Fuck it. Cut your losses.

Some are simply hell bent on self destruction. Be kind and lend a hand. Some fuckers are beyond repair anyway. And you gotta admit, you've been pissed off with these people at some point. The best you can do is end the misery. It's better to shoot the sick animal than just leave it on the sidewalk. Pretty soon it's gonna rot and stink up the whole neighborhood.