The Sword: February 19 - March 20 (Pisces)

The sword is a symbol of glory. Admired by the weak and coveted by the daring. Yet you remain true to your real purpose. You are designed to hurt after all. The cut is merely the beginning, followed by the rot of the injury then a shameful scar. You are a painful reminder to those who have failed to wield you. The sight of you is enough to torment. And they can't help but to look can they?


  1. Hey, I'm a "Pisces - Aries Cusp". I can understand my evil side properly now, but can you do me one favor? Can you please post evil sides of the "Cusps" as well?

    1. Sorry to say this but a cusp doesn't mean you're both, it's more you just have the characteristics of both signs yet you're just a Pisces.